Monraz House Gallery Boutique Hotel, is a jewel of French neoclassicism of the nineteenth century, the residence of elegant and refined character, keeps intact its facade supported by two impressive columns that evoke the late baroque to the neoclassical period lasted naturalistic ornamentation. Its floors, walls and original columns take its guests to the time of onset of urbanism.

Spending a night in Monraz House it allows you to easily enjoy the city and its surroundings as it is located in a neighborhood named Colonia Americana. Located only few blocks from the center of the city, surrounded by bars, restaurants, art galleries and boutiques of famous designers, including wide roads that evoke a mixture of French architecture and tapatías roots.

Each of our rooms, stylistically share traits with romantic aesthetics, to add some expression and exalted spirit of simplicity and clarity structures. As well as works of art and exceptional pieces of furniture decorate with exquisite taste consistent with the magic that exudes every corner of the city.